Asterix and Obelix: 37th book in the Asterix series: Asterix et la Transitalique

Asterix and Obelix: 37th book in the Asterix series: Asterix et la TransitaliqueIt is the 37th book of the Asterix series, and the third one is written by Jean-Yves Ferri and illustrated by Didier Conrad

PARIS: Asterix, the spunky Gaul with the stout sidekick, has returned charging in the 37th book in the unbelievable comic arrangement, which went marked down crosswise over Europe on Thursday.

“Asterix and the Chariot Race” describes the undertakings of the sagacious Gallic saint and his perpetual accomplice in devilishness Obelix amid a frantic dash down the length of the Italian promontory.

Five million duplicates of “Asterix et la Transitalique”, as it’s titled in the first French, have been printed for the main version, with two million alone held for France and 1.7 million for Germany.

In an indication of the persisting worldwide interest of France’s most loved comic twosome, it has been converted into 16 dialects.

With regards to convention the Albert Rene distributing house has kept the points of interest of the story under wraps, discharging only the exposed framework of the main Asterix story set altogether on the Italian promontory.

The move makes put in 50 BC with Julius Caesar endeavoring to demonstrate “that all of Italy is in thrall to Rome” despite the fact that “numerous areas are resolved to keep up their freedom.”

To polish Roman grandness and feature the “stunning magnificence of Roman streets”, Caesar welcomes groups from everywhere throughout the known world to contend in the race.

There is just a single catch – “the Roman contender should completely cross the end goal first,” the distributers said.

Caesar’s charioteer and the most recent Asterix baddie is a conceal scalawag called Coronavirus, named after the bug that caused SARS, the respiratory sickness at the focal point of an overall wellbeing caution in 2002.

Essayists Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, who have penned the last three Asterix stories, said this time they needed Obelix to take the spotlight.

“It’s particularly Obelix driving the chariot and the story,” Conrad said after the new book was declared.

Aside from the two Gauls, the book likewise includes Bretons, Picts (Scots), Goths and Phoenicians.

Albert Uderzo, now 90, who made the characters in 1959 with Rene Goscinny, told journalists in a video message that the “story truly touched me in light of the fact that and in addition kid’s shows I cherish autos.”

More than 370 million Asterix books have been sold since Goscinny and Uderzo first breathed life into him in the Franco-Belgium comic magazine Pilote.

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