Bluewater in Kent EVACUATED after bomb scare at Nando’s

Bluewater in Kent EVACUATED after bomb scare at Nando'sBuyers were forced to "panic" from Kent's Bluewater Shopping Center

The customers were forced to flee “in freeze” from the vast scale shopping mall in Kent this afternoon.

However, police later confirmed that the departure was caused by a fire in fast food eatery Nando’s and encouraged individuals not to freeze.

Kent police tweeted: “Fire caution caused by cooking apparatus in a food outlet. Kindly don’t freeze.”

In any case, Kent 999 revealed: “Unconfirmed reports somebody yelled “bomb” in the food court making individuals flee in freeze.”

Frightened customers took to Twitter to voice their worry at the circumstance and the absence of information about the episode.

A customer tweeted: “Why the f*** did I simply keep running for my life out of #bluewater strip mall?!”

Another asked: “Anybody know what has occurred at Bluewater? Everybody all of a sudden running like distraught and emptying every one of the shops.”

And one lady included: “We’ve quite recently been emptied out of Bluewater? Everybody’s going through shouting and saying to get out? Extremely confused.”

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