British Man Faces 3 Years Jail For Touching A Man in Bar At Dubai

British Man Faces 3 Years Jail For Touching A Man in Bar At Dubai

Jamie Harron, from Stirling, was captured for open profanity after unintentionally touching a man on his hip, Campaign aggregate Detained in Dubai said.

The 27-year-old has since lost his activity as he has been not able fly home since specialists stripped him off his international ID. He has additionally spent more than £30,000 in costs and lawful charges, having just been stuck there for three months.

Jamie stated: ‘I am truly staggered that it has gone that far.’ His trial began when he halted off in Dubai for a two-day trip while on his way to an occupation in Afghanistan.

Jamie had been having drinks with companions at the Rock Bottom Bar in Dubai, a prominent spot for youngsters in the Tecom range of the city, and was holding one when they strolled however the swarmed bar.

To abstain from spilling his drink, he held out his turn before him, which unintentionally touched a man on his hip.

Police turned up at the bar around 20 minutes after the fact and captured Jamie, as indicated by his delegates.

Prosecutors later revealed to him that he had been accused of drinking liquor and ‘open foulness’, the last of which Jamie denies, asserting his lone aim was to abstain from spilling a drink.

Jamie included: ‘I have witnesses who will introduce themselves in court, even the bouncer at the bar.

‘I can’t trust I am confronting these claims when I took after the laws completely.

‘Presently it is conceivable that I will be captured on Sunday for neglecting to show up at a court hearing that neither I, nor my legal counselor, were instructed with respect to.’

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, stated: ‘It is very over the top that he has been held in the nation for so long as of now.’

‘This is another case of how helpless sightseers are to capture and detainment in Dubai and at how drawn out and disordered lawful procedures are.’

Ms Stirling included: ‘I have addressed Jamie today who is under massive weight and stress.

‘He was hoping to show up in court this Sunday, yet the court moved the date without letting him know or his legal advisor.

‘This prompted a sentence of 30 days’ detainment for neglecting to introduce himself at the hearing.’

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office representative stated: ‘We have been in contact with a British man following his capture in Dubai in July. We are giving consular help.’

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