Criminal Charges Against Dad From Giving Kidney To His 2 Year Kid

Criminal Charges Against Dad From Giving Kidney To His 2 Year Kid

A 2-year-old kid who has been experiencing kidney issues since birth should sit tight a couple of more months for a transplant after his father, who was observed to be an immaculate match, disregarded terms of his probation. The surgery was booked to occur on Oct. 3, however Emory University Hospital educated the family about a difference in plans after Anthony Dickerson’s most recent capture, AJCdotcom detailed.

Anthony Dickerson Jr. was conceived without kidneys, and was expected to get his dad’s left organ. A month ago, he supposedly endured a stroke and now requires steady care, WTSP announced.

“They’re making this about his father,” Carmellia Burgess, Anthony Dickerson Jr’s. mom, told the news outlet. “It’s not about father. It’s about our child.”

Dickerson, 26, was first captured in 2011 on offense burglary charges and a first-degree phony charge, AJCdotcom detailed. He was captured for damaging his probation in September and accused of ownership of a gun. While imprisoned, the clinic supposedly composed for his benefit to ask for he be escorted to Emory for blood work and pre-agent testing.

“Mr. Dickerson is as of now in authority for a parole infringement,” the charged letter expressed. “On the off chance that Mr. Dickerson could be escorted to Emory for blood work and a pre-agent arrangement tomorrow, September 29, we will have the capacity to proceed with the planned surgery.”

In any case, after Dickerson was discharged days in the wake of testing, Burgess said she got a moment letter from Emory illuminating the family that the surgery would be deferred until the point that Dickerson followed his probation officer following three months.

“The Living Donor Team at Emory has asked Mr. Dickerson of consistence from his probation officer for the following three months,” the indicated letter stated, as indicated by WTSPdotcom. “We will re-assess Mr. Dickerson in January 2018 after receipt of this finished documentation.”

A delegate would not give additionally remark about the case to the news outlet.

“Rules for organ transplantation are intended to amplify the shot of progress for organ beneficiaries and limit chance for living benefactors,” Janet Christenbury, a clinic representative, told “Due to protection directions and regard for persistent classification, we can’t share particular data about our patients.”

An appeal to began by the family encouraging the clinic to take into account the surgery to be rescheduled has gotten more than 25,000 marks. A GoFundMe page set up to help cover medicinal costs has outperformed it’s $1,000 objective in two days.

“He’s just two,” Burgess told WTSP of her child. “He doesn’t merit this. We’ve been sitting tight so ache for this.”

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