Dad Arrested After Missing 2 Week Old Daughter Found Dead in Newton County

Dad Arrested After Missing 2 Week Old Daughter Found Dead in Newton County

A Newton County family has affirmed their 15-day-old young lady is dead and police have caught the father, who fled in the blink of an eye before being named a man of intrigue.

Caliyah McNabb’s folks called 911 when they saw she was absent around 10 a.m. Saturday, Channel 2 Action News revealed. They told authorities she was bolstered at 5 a.m. what’s more, she was gone when they woke up.

Agents said the Saturday morning vanishing was suspicious and sheriff’s delegates with pooches looked through a 2-mile range around the Eagle Point trailer stop in Covington.

Relatives discovered her in a duffel sack in the forested areas on Sunday, Channel 2 detailed.

The father, Chris McNabb, left about the time his girl’s body was found, relatives affirmed to Channel 2. The sheriff’s specialization is anticipating an official post-mortem.

Chris McNabb bounced out of his sweetheart’s auto and ran, the news station announced.

He was caught in the blink of an eye before 8 p.m.

The mother was arrested for addressing, however authorities have not named either parent a suspect.

“She was so little. So guiltless,” said Caliyah’s granddad, Tim Bell.

The sheriff’s office said Saturday Caliyah’s vanishing was suspicious in light of the fact that she was so youthful.

“A 15-day-old youngster clearly didn’t leave independent from anyone else,” said Keith Crum with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

It began as a missing tyke report yet was promptly regarded it as a potential manslaughter or grabbing, Crum said.

Relatives are bewildered about how the infant vanished.

“She’s only a little infant,” Bell said. “Stuff like this shouldn’t occur.”

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