Doctor Investigated After Video About Him Screaming At Patient Goes Viral

Doctor Investigated After Video About Him Screaming At Patient Goes Viral

Police in Florida are investigating a specialist who shouted at a wiped out lady after she brought up issues about the length of her hold up before being seen.

Video of the episode was presented on Facebook on Monday by Jessica Stipe, the lady who was the casualty of the man’s wrath.

The specialist, distinguished as Dr. Subside Gallogly of Gainesville After Hours Clinic, curses at Stipe amidst the holding up room in the clasp, which was recorded by Stipe’s little girl.

“Are you joking me?” Gallogly is heard asking Stipe as she ponders for what good reason she hasn’t been taken to an exam room over a hour after her booked arrangement.

Gallogly reveals to Stipe that he’s as of now run a pee test on her before logically asking her, “Does that take 3 seconds, you think?”

After a warmed trade, Gallogly at that point asks Stipe, “Do you wanna be seen or not?”

“I need to go home and get in my bed—” Stipe answers before being cut off.

“At that point, fine, get the damnation out,” the specialist answers, indicating the entryway.

Following a couple of more seconds and further contending, Gollogly draws near to Stipe and says, “Get the f – out of my office,” as he drives her out the front entryway.

Toward the finish of the moment long clasp, Stipe’s little girl — who is a minor, as indicated by Stipe — comments that she’s been recording the entire thing. By then, Gollogly gets the young lady’s telephone and leaves with it before the video closes.

Stipe’s video of the whole episode has been seen more than 373,000 times on Facebook since Monday, as of Thursday evening.

In her Facebook post, Stipe said she talked with Gainesville police yet that they couldn’t squeeze charges in light of the fact that there were no wounds. Yet, on Wednesday, The Gainseville Sun announced that Gollogly was being explored yet it was misty what the charges might be.

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