Ex Boyfriend is Arrested in Murdered of University of Pittsburgh Student

Ex Boyfriend is Arrested in Murdered of University of Pittsburgh Student

The ex of a University of Pittsburgh understudy whose father discovered her dead in her loft was captured in South Carolina after a tipster called police, experts said.

Myrtle Beach Police Capt. Joey Crosby affirmed Matthew Darby, 21, was nabbed at around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday after an inhabitant spotted him messing with a window at a home. Reacting officers arrested Darby and discovered that he was needed for the murder of Alina Sheykhet, 20, in Pittsburgh, more than 600 miles away.

“Much obliged to you to the concerned native that detailed this suspicious movement,” Darby said on Facebook. “Keep in mind, in the event that you see something, say something – it could prompt the capture of a brutal wrongdoer.”

Darby was planned to be summoned Wednesday on charges of being an outlaw, standing around and opposing capture, police told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He additionally faces charges that incorporate manslaughter, robbery, having instruments of wrongdoing, burglary and flight to maintain a strategic distance from dread in association with the demise of Sheykhet — who was discovered dead Sunday when her stressed father kicked in her room entryway.

Police in Pittsburgh said paramedics at the scene articulated her dead from limit constrain injury. Sheykhet had petitioned for a request of assurance against Darby in September, police said. Darby had been captured on Sept. 26 for professedly breaking into her flat six days earlier, as indicated by a news discharge.

Darby can be found in reconnaissance film from close to the wrongdoing scene around the season of Sheykhet’s slaughtering. The video likewise indicates Darby — who argued not liable last February to assaulting another ex in Pennsylvania’s Indiana County – drop a sparkly question into a sewer grind as he cleared out Sheykhet’s home, as per a criminal objection got by the Post-Gazette.

In the sewer, agents found a paw mallet and two stainless steel blades they accept were utilized to slaughter Sheykhet, as indicated by the criminal objection.

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