FBI Releases Files on Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Massacre

FBI Releases Files on Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Massacre

The FBI on Tuesday discharged a trove of more than 1,500 profoundly redacted pages that shed light on the department’s examination concerning the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 that left 20 kids and six grown-ups dead.

The reports incorporate meetings that FBI specialists directed with inhabitants of the Connecticut neighborhood where the shooter, Adam Lanza, lived with his mom, Nancy Lanza.

Adam Lanza, portrayed in the reports as a hermit who had been determined to have a type of extreme introvertedness, executed his mom before setting off to the school to do the shooting, where he in the end murdered himself. Nancy Lanza, who was separated, lived with her child in a house in Newtown, Conn.

At the point when operators peddled the area where the Lanzas lived, different individuals told the FBI that they didn’t know the two and didn’t see them regularly.

One man met by the FBI in the days after the shooting told specialists that he recollected Adam Lanza saying in 2008 that he needed to kill his mom and kids at Sandy Hook.

The Newtown Police Department told the man there was nothing they could do. After a lady, whose character is redacted, encouraged him to go to the state police about the danger, he cannot, saying he was “terrified of the dangers” from the Newtown Police Department. A great part of the insights about the data the man provided for the FBI are redacted.

The man expressed he was “offering this data since he felt awful about not accomplishing more to attempt and keep the episode from happening” subsequent to watching news reports about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Other individuals who had associated with Adam or his mom portrayed Nancy as a mother who hovered over her child, reveling his impulse to remain in his room. They said she was intending to put her Connecticut house available to move to Seattle in 2013 — a place Adam needed to go in light of the fact that it was “dull and miserable.”

“Nancy had sweethearts,” one of Nancy’s companions told the FBI, “yet spent her life watching over Adam and would not abandon him. Nancy had told the redacted that she inquired as to whether he would miss her if something happened to her, and Adam addressed actually no, not by any stretch of the imagination.”

At a certain point, the companion stated, Adam had developed “dejected” and declined to leave his space for three months, just speaking with his mom through email.

One meeting with a neighbor portrayed Nancy as a “firearm nut,” including that somebody had gotten in a “verbal showdown about Nancy’s interest for weapons.”

That individual additionally described a story, which had beforehand been accounted for, about Adam Lanza hacking into government PC frameworks, bypassing two levels of security before being closed down.

At the point when experts with the CIA and FBI appeared at their home, Nancy Lanza persuaded the officers that “her child was quite recently exceptionally keen and was testing himself to check whether he could hack into an administration framework,” as indicated by one of the records.

Officers supposedly disclosed to Lanza that if her child was so brilliant, “he could have work with them sometime in the not so distant future.”

A substantial lump of the archives discharged by the FBI are subpoenas for the amazing jury examination. There are additionally examinations concerning potential copycat executioners, individuals who had made debilitating calls to Sandy Hook Elementary or composed fiery things on the web, and odd, ambiguously undermining messages sent to a Connecticut daily paper.

The FBI likewise looked to seek after obstacle “or some other potential charges” against a man who had set up a phony Facebook page — apparently with Adam Lanza’s name, however that is redacted — after the shooting.

“This activity made agents squander a few hours and removed law authorization from other vital work,” an email inside the records says. The name of the sender and beneficiary are redacted.

The FBI likewise discharged notes about voice message messages that were found on the Lanzas’ home telephone.

They order voice messages and guest ID logs from the Lanzas’ advanced voice-mail upon the arrival of the shooting. A portion of the messages were from news outlets, including CNN, “Great Morning America,” the Huffington Post, Reuters and the TV indicate “Dr. Phil.”

“If it’s not too much trouble answer the telephone,” says a voice message from the Connecticut State Police upon the arrival of the shooting.

“Saw features, checking in,” said one individual, whose personality is redacted.

“I’m truly sad for what you’re experiencing,” said an obscure guest. Another obscure guest accused Nancy of “awful child rearing.”

“Is this the MF that murdered those children,” a phone message from an obscure number says.

In the week prior to the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting, the log records a call from a redacted source, with a “social insurance update” for Adam.

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