Former Shark Tank Contestant’s Dead Body Found in Pennsylvania River

Former Shark Tank Contestant's Dead Body Found in Pennsylvania River

The collection of Philip Reitnour, 58, was found in Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River Thursday.

Reitnour showed up on Shark Tank in 2014, attempting to offer the financial specialists a security application. His pitch did not go over well and each of the purported “sharks” turned him down.

The dismissal came as a gigantic frustration to the specialist and accordingly, he was left in money related emergency.

Court records uncover he was $3 million under water and being sued, as per reports.

However, Reitnour’s lawyer, Josh Denbeaux, says he didn’t lament being on the show.

“He said it was a considerable measure of fun, it was fascinating, and he enjoyed it,” he reviewed.

Reitnour, a father of four, made the EmergenSee application after his significant other kicked the bucket of bosom tumor.

Police have not yet decided if unfairness was associated with his passing.

Extremely rich person Dallas Mavericks proprietor Mark Cuban, one of the Shark Tank financial specialists, called Reitnour’s passing “grievous” in a meeting with Inside Edition.

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