George H.W. Bush apologized after Heather Lind accused him of sexual assault

George H.W. Bush apologized after Heather Lind accused him of sexual assaultHeather Lind accused former President George H.W. Bush touched her back as she looked for a photo with him and told him a dirty joke.

George H.W. Bush has apologized to Heather Lind after she blamed him for sexual assault in a now-erased Instagram post.

Lind, who featured in the AMC arrangement “Turned: Washington’s Spies,” wrote that the previous US President “touched me from behind” over and over at a press occasion in March 2014.

She didn’t offer further specifics, yet said that in her view Bush had “sexually assaulted me,” exploiting the power of his previous office to do as such. A photograph existing apart from everything else Lind portrays can be seen here.

A representative for the previous president apologized and portrayed the communication as “an endeavor at humor.”

Lind labeled the post with the #metoo hashtag, which has been utilized by women to recount stories of sexually forceful behavior by powerful men in the wake of allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

She theorized that “innumerable” other women had encountered comparable things, and said that previous First Lady Barbara Bush appeared to be aware of what was going on, and “feigned exacerbation.”

She says a security watch pointed the finger at her for standing excessively near Bush. Lind’s post has since been erased, however is duplicated in full below.

Journalists from put the allegation to a representative for Bush, who apologized on his behalf. The announcement stated: “President Bush would never — under any situation — deliberately cause anybody misery, and he most genuinely apologizes if his endeavor at humor outraged Ms. Lind.”

Lind wrote that her post was provoked by observing Bush in front of an audience at a gathering pledges occasion for casualties of the hurricanes, which have as of late struck the US terrain and domains like Puerto Rico.

She said the picture of Bush being commended for his charitable work “aggravated” her, and constrained her to stand up. It isn’t clear why the post was erased.

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