Indiana Couple Find Hidden Camera in Airbnb Home At Longboat Key, Florida

Indiana Couple Find Hidden Camera in Airbnb Home At Longboat Key, Florida

A couple from Indiana, leasing an Airbnb on Longboat Key, said they saw something strange in regards to one of the smoke indicators in the main room. At that point they understood it was really a camera masked as a smoke locator and was pointing comfortable bed.

Derek Starnes told Tampa-based WFTS via telephone he and his better half are blown a gasket by what happened.

Starnes said he works in the tech world and saw a dark opening in favor of the smoke indicator. He brought it down and understood that that dark opening was a camera recording onto a SD card. Starnes instantly called the police.

“We grabbed a considerable measure of PC stockpiling information gadgets, hard drives, PCs, portable workstations SD cards anything that would store information,” Lt. Bounce Bourque said. “We don’t know whether there are neighborhood casualties somebody who may have been dating him or a partner that doesn’t understand they are being recorded, and afterward we have the opposite side of who he leased to through Airbnb.”

Wayne Natt, 56, was captured and accused of one tally of video voyeurism. Bourque said Natt’s record has been dynamic on Airbnb for a long time. Starnes said he had more than 40 surveys on Airbnb.

Starnes shared a photograph he removed the gadget that shows him and his significant other gazing up at the camera. Starnes said he trusts other individuals that leased from Natt at the address situated at 623 Cedars Court in Longboat Key will approach. Starnes said he knows the video caught him strolling through the room bare.

“My better half and I are upset by this circumstance. I trust more casualties will approach,” Starnes said.

After Natt’s capture police said he gave them an announcement with his legal advisor introduce. Bourque said he let them know everybody gave him agree to be taped and that he conceded there are many recordings of individuals occupied with sex parties he facilitated at the home.

“He says that everybody videoed had learning he was videoing them,” Bourque said. What we said to that was… if individuals are consenting to recording sexual action why is it covered up in a smoke caution? He said it was for recording sexual movement.”

Bourque said Natt’s explanation behind concealing it in the roof “was it gave him a superior edge.”

WFTS connected with Airbnb for input. An agent from Airbnb, Ben Breit, sent us an announcement:

We are outraged at the reports of what happened; as soon as we were made aware, we permanently banned this individual from our community and fully supported the affected guests. Our team has reached out to local law enforcement to aid them with their investigation of this egregious offense and we hope justice is served. We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy against this behavior.

Police are asking any individual who leased from Natt on Airbnb or was inside his apartment suite to get in touch with them.

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