McDonald’s Manager Charged For Selling Cocaine With Burgers and Fries in The Bronx

McDonald's Manager Charged For Selling Cocaine With Burgers and Fries in The Bronx

A few clients at one McDonald’s in New York were evidently requesting something beyond burgers and fries.

A night move administrator at a Bronx range McDonald’s was captured by police as a major aspect of a sting named “Operation Off the Menu” for professedly offering a large number of dollars worth of cocaine and break to covert officers at the fast-food eatery, NBC News announced. Think of it as a different take on the glad dinner.

The covert sting was directed by New York Police Department and basic investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security.

The chief, Frank Guerrero, was at any rate inventive in his conveyances, as per police reports. Guerrero, who had worked who had filled in as a night move administrator for a long time, purportedly sold police cocaine in eight separate exchanges.

On two events Guerrero set the medications in a McDonald’s treat pack that was then put inside a bigger request of burgers and fries, as per the report. He additionally purportedly concealed cocaine in a cleanser allocator in the McDonald’s lavatory.

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