Missing 2 Week Old Baby Found Dead in Covington

Missing 2 Week Old Baby Found Dead in Covington

A Newton County family has affirmed their 15-day-old young lady is dead and police are calling the father a man of intrigue.

Caliyah McNabb’s folks called 911 when they saw she was absent around 10 a.m. Saturday, Channel 2 Action News revealed. They told authorities she was sustained at 5 a.m. what’s more, she was gone when they woke up.

Agents said the Saturday morning vanishing was suspicious and sheriff’s representatives with canines looked through a 2-mile range around the Eagle Point trailer stop in Covington.

Relatives discovered her in a sack in the forested areas on Sunday, Channel 2 detailed.

The father, Chris McNabb, left about the time his girl’s body was found, Channel 2 announced.

The mother was arrested for addressing, yet authorities have not names either parent a suspect.

“She was so minor. So blameless,” said Caliyah’s granddad, Tim Bell.

The sheriff’s office said Saturday Caliyah’s vanishing was suspicious on the grounds that she was so youthful.

“A 15-day-old youngster clearly didn’t leave without anyone else,” said Keith Crum with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

It began as a missing kid report yet was promptly regarded it as a potential manslaughter or grabbing, Crum said.

Relatives are confused about how the infant vanished.

“She’s only a little infant,” Bell said. “Stuff like this shouldn’t occur.”

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