New Jersey Police Officer Suspend After Grabbing Twins Sister

New Jersey Police Officer Suspend After Brabbing Twins Sister

Authorities on Friday suspended a New Jersey cop who was recorded on video getting a teenager young lady by the hair in a fight with her and her twin.

Twin sisters Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells disclosed to News 12 New Jersey they were getting pizza on Thursday opposite Orange High School when Officer Hanifah Davis attempted to clear the corner.

“He got me and place me in the pizza store and put my arm in the face of my good faith,” said Kyasia Sorrells.

“I saw it through the window, and I came outside. What’s more, I’m similar to, ‘what’s happening with you?’ Then he pushed me, and I had a plate of sustenance in my grasp and it fell,” Nyasia Sorrells said.

“So then I backpedaled over yonder, and I’m attempting to get him off of her and after that he swung me by my hair and began striking her head into the floor.”

Video demonstrated Davis conversing with Kyasia Sorrells and afterward disclosing to Nyasia Sorrells to move down. At the point when Nyasia Sorrells drew closer, Davis got her by the hair and the two young ladies wound up on the ground with Davis over them.

A school load up staff part who endeavored to intercede was ticketed, as indicated by specialists.

Secondary school understudies on Friday walked to police central station, where they requested equity for the twin sisters.

In a joint explanation, Democratic Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren and the police office requested that subjects “withhold judgment and act dependably until the point when every one of the certainties are known.”

They said they would share the actualities and will “make all proper move.”

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