Nurse Sing A Song For Elder Woman Dying Of Cancer

Nurse Sing A Song For Elder Woman Dying Of Cancer

A benevolent medical caretaker remained by her withering patient’s bedside to sing the lady’s main tune – a similar one she needs played at her memorial service.

Margaret Smith, 63, had been told she was excessively wiped out for the liver transplant she had been sitting tight to mean, she would not have the capacity to experience the operation.

In an offer to stop her patient feeling frightened, Olivia Neufelder, an attendant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, ensured she sang Margaret’s main tune to her consistently.

The disastrous minute was gotten on camera by Margaret’s family companion, Crystal Hamilton, and shows Olivia singing Dancing In The Sky by Dani and Lizzy while holding her patient’s hand.

Margaret’s girl, Megan Smith, shared the recording on Facebook, expressing: “This attendant sat with my mother for quite a long time while the pharmaceutical from an excessive amount of anesthesia and sang an exceptionally uncommon tune to my sweet mother to comfort her.

“You never left her side by decision!!

“Words can’t depict the thankfulness and love we feel for nurture Olivia who mother calls her blessed messenger!

“Your devotion to your patients is past any that I have seen, you genuinely are a light emission and I can’t thank you enough for the care and empathy and cherish you shared for my mom. God favor you, Olivia!”

The video was shot on October 12.

Unfortunately, she passed away on Wednesday at a nursing home .

Olivia composed on Facebook: “Miss Marg has touched my heart in such an unbelievable way.

“I am so lowered and respected to be an attendant. My contemplations are supplications are everlastingly with this stunning family.”

She disclosed to News Channel 5 : “There was very nearly a feeling of peace realizing that it was her main tune and she told me it’s the tune she needs played at her memorial service.

Margaret is made due by her little girl, Megan, and a child, both in their 20s.

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