Police Arrested Man Who Pushed Stranger Onto Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line Tracks

Police Arrested Man Who Pushed Stranger Onto Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line Tracks

Police say they’ve recognized and gotten the puzzle man who pushed a suburbanite onto the CTA Blue Line tracks in August, a purportedly unwarranted assault that propelled the casualty about onto the fatal third rail.

Chad M. Estep, 34, is accused of endeavored first-degree kill for his unwarranted assault on a 46-year-old man sitting tight for the prepare, police said. The man got away genuine damage.

On Aug. 1, the 46-year-old casualty, Ben Benedict, was holding up to board a prepare at the Washington station when another man moved toward him from behind.

The man pushed the casualty, making him fall onto the tracks. He at that point prevented the casualty from getting back onto the stage, police said.

Benedict told the Tribune he and his aggressor were the main ones on the stage when the man pushed him. Benedict fell on the tracks, missing the zapped and conceivably destructive third rail, and after that gazed toward the man who’d pushed him.

Benedict attempted to pull himself onto the stage however the man pushed his hands away, as per the Tribune. Benedict, perplexed a prepare could arrive, shouted for offer assistance. A few people swarmed around Benedict and pulled him to security, and the man who’d pushed Benedict fled.

“The guilty party at that point menaced the casualty and would not enable him to move back onto the stage until the point that spectators interceded and helped the casualty,” a news discharge said.

As per Estep’s LinkedIn page, he is right now filling in as a senior information expert at social insurance organization Procured Health. The organization declined to remark.

Estep already went to Northwestern University where he acquired a PhD in neuroscience and reasoning, the profile says.

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