SNL: Gal Gadot KISS Kate McKinnon in Wonder Woman Parody Skit

SNL: Gal Gadot KISS Kate McKinnon in Wonder Woman Parody SkitSNL: Gal Gadot KISS Kate McKinnon

Gal Gadot hosted Saturday’s episode and repeated her part of the sexy DC superhero and the Amazon warrior princess Diana in a Wonder Woman parody skit, which sees her getting very close with cast part Kate McKinnon.

In the draw, McKinnon and Aidy Bryant’s characters, who are lesbians, wind up on the Amazonian country of Themyscira and they couldn’t be more joyful.

“I figure I’ll get to the point; show of hands, who all here is a lez?” McKinnon inquires. “Is it everybody or do we have two or three partners?”

“Alright, so it’s Megan and Dre, who else?” Bryant includes. “We got two. We would love to see that hand go up, Diana.”

Wonder Woman is confounded.

“That is to say, I adore every one of my sisters, I think their bodies are lovely, yet when I take a gander at them, all I see is quality and power,” Wonder Woman says .

“Better believe it, no doubt, so we see a similar thing however we see it over us squirming around, trailed by a long exchange about our tensions and our maturing guardians,” McKinnon answers.

She and Bryant are completely freeloaded out, yet they soon perk up when Wonder Woman tries to physically comfort them.

“For we are on the whole sisters,” she says. “Lay your heads on my t-ts.” “Possibly I should simply attempt and kiss one of you and check whether I feel something.”

McKinnon reluctantly volunteers and Wonder Woman kisses her erotically for an astounding 13 seconds.

“I’m sad, I feel nothing,” she at that point says.

Catch Gadot’s Wonder Woman again in the film Justice League, whose most recent trailer was discharged at an opportune time Sunday. The film hits theaters on November 17.

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