Soldier Exchanged 200 Texts a Day With Lover Before Wife’s Parachute Fall

Soldier Exchanged 200 Texts a Day With Lover Before Wife’s Parachute Fall

Sergeant Emile Cilliers inquired as to whether she could be his “naked housekeeper” and guaranteed he would “pay with much love”.

Winchester Crown Court was perused WhatsApp messages the sweethearts traded after as Victoria Cilliers, who was harmed in a 4,000ft fall when her parachute fizzled, was experiencing surgery in healing facility with a cracked spine, pelvis, and broken ribs.

Reacting to the recommendation, Ms Goller answered: “Haha I like exposed cooking ;)”.

At the point when Cilliers answered: “Ooo cool. Aside from the splashback”, she stated: “I will wear a cook’s garment and a cover as it were”.

“I may get occupied and you’ll wind up being diverted by me and afterward consume the cooking,” Cilliers cautioned.

He likewise kept in touch with Ms Goller: “One day we may have our very own group.”

The court was likewise perused instant messages in which Cilliers portrayed to Ms Goller his significant other’s wounds, which he stands blamed for causing by altering the parachute.

He denies the charges against him.

“She will experience issues and will presumably stroll with a limp for whatever remains of her life,” he composed.

“She was in tears the previous evening saying everything she could consider is she didn’t state farewell to the children.”

The indictment charge that Cilliers, a health specialist, wound the lines of his significant other’s primary parachute and evacuated joins, making the parachute winding crazy and his better half to dive to the ground in April 2015.

The litigant was £22,000 under water and trusted he would get a £120,000 protection payout when his better half kicked the bucket, the court heard.

He is likewise blamed for messing with a gas valve in the couple’s home as a major aspect of a moment kill endeavor.

Mrs Cilliers is one of the best parachutists in the nation, and her better half had taken a pressing course before the asserted endeavor, the court was told.

She survived the fall, yet endured serious wounds.

In different messages, Ms Goller and Cilliers design an existence and an occasion in Honduras together, and the health specialist guaranteed to “give up and surrender such a great amount” for his sweetheart.

Ms Goller likewise said she adored Mr Cilliers in uniform. He reacted: “You going onto salute me?” to which she stated: “I figure now and again I should obey you.”

Mr Cilliers was likewise in a sexual association with his ex, Carly Cilliers, the arraignment said.

The trial was suspended until Tuesday.

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