Teacher Arrest After Multiple Sexual Relationship With Student At Florida

Teacher Arrest After Multiple Sexual Relationship With Student At Florida

A Florida Teacher was captured Friday after she was blamed for having a sexual association with a female understudy a year ago.

Jaclyn Truman, 30, professedly had a two-month association with a 15-year-old female understudy a year ago while Truman was filling in as a long haul substitute instructor at Hagerty High School in Seminole County, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel announced.

The understudy told delegates shape the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office she and the Truman engaged in sexual relations “various circumstances” in the secondary school from March to May 2016, WFTV announced.

A report was recorded on Oct. 4 and Truman was set on leave from Lake Howell High, where she was then educating, after Child Protective Services called the school, WFTV announced.

The instructor surrendered from her position at the school Thursday and handed herself over to police that day, the Orlando Sentinel detailed. Authorities said Truman was participating with the examination.

Truman was accused of “two tallies of salacious follows up on a minor understudy” and was put in the Seminole County Jail. Her safeguard was set at $40,000, the sheriff’s office said.

Sway Kealing, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office representative, said Truman educated at a couple of schools in the Seminole County school area.

Michael Lawrence, the Seminole County Public Schools representative, said a historical verification was done before Truman was contracted full-time and the check told the truth back.

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