Wendy Williams Faints During The Halloween Live Show

Wendy Williams Faints During The Halloween Live Show

Wendy Williams had a terrifying Halloween on Tuesday when she blacked out amid a live communicate of her self-titled television show.

The 53-year-old media identity was dressed as the famous Statue of Liberty for her yearly Halloween appear, wearing an outfit composed by Ceasar Galindo that incorporated a green wig, sparkly crown, coordinating foot rear areas and long-sleeve sequin dress.

Around 48 minutes into the communicate — and in the wake of enduring the show’s Hot Topics fragment, a meeting with Jerry O’Connell and an “Ask Wendy” gathering of people bit — Williams showed up behind a plastic platform, prepared to commence the “How You Doin’ Halloween Costume Contest.”

In any case, while reporting the fragment, Williams started slurring her words. She at that point backed off and began influencing forward and backward before bumbling in reverse and getting herself.

Shocked and terrified, Williams took a gander at the camera for help, raising her make a beeline for her crown. In any case, similarly as snappy as it had happened, she quickly dropped to the floor — the show’s group rushing to help her and the camera slicing to business.

The show returned almost 6 minutes after the fact, when a recuperated Williams clarified what happened.

“That was not a trick. I’m overheated in my outfit and I passed out. Yet, you recognize what, I’m a champ, and I’m back!” she stated, to the cheers of the crowd.

After the section found some conclusion, Williams solicited “Is that the end from the show? Is it accurate to say that i was passed out for that long?”

A rep for the show tells PEOPLE, “Wendy is feeling greatly improved. She overheated in view of her substantial outfit, cosmetics, and lights. She could complete the show in genuine Wendy soul. She will address the episode on tomorrow’s show.”

Prior, Williams had griped about Halloween. “This is so not my vacation, I am doing this under coercion,” she said. “A wide range of monstrosities and weirdos strolling around. There’s nothing more awful than grown-ups in ensembles.’

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