Why should buy Google Pixel 2 XL over Apple iPhone X

3 Reasons to Buy Google Pixel 2 XL over Apple iPhone XGoogle Pixel 2 XL over Apple iPhone X

While there were few astonishments at yesterday’s Pixel 2 launch, because of ceaseless breaks in the course of the most recent couple of months, the Search goliath managed to haul maybe a couple rabbits out of its cap.

Be that as it may, are those treats enough to tempt new clients and reject the draw of Apple’s new iPhone X? We should separate the best five shopper benevolent highlights you won’t get on an iPhone.

Bear in mind to watch out my breakdown for why the iPhone X is the better decision tomorrow.

Unlimited Google Drive storage for pictures and videos

Not long ago I’d opined about how Google needs to broaden its free Drive storage for Pixel proprietors to something beyond pictures and videos. That, frustratingly, didn’t occur.

Yet, the continuation of free, boundless capacity for all photos and recordings taken by Pixel proprietors is clearly welcome. Particularly since Apple’s iCould, well, isn’t free (past 5GB).

In the field, the very information of having that boundless space has been liberating, one might say. Engaging with how much stockpiling is left on your telephone is a steady, bothering stress that doesn’t have to exist.

What’s more, filtering through a large number of frightful photographs – to see which ought to be binned – is never something I will do, in spite of the fact that I likely should sooner or later.

In any case, for the time being, I’m upbeat to kick that can not far off with boundless free stockpiling and leave that issue to Future Me.


Amid yesterday’s Google introduction I couldn’t resist floating off into a nightmarish wander off in fantasy land (the genuine one, not the VR headset) around an AI occasion skyline.

This fantasize, sponsored by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence, was on account of we were being taken through Google Assistant’s new ‘highlights’.

Ongoing dialect interpretation and protest acknowledgment that gives quick relevant data are in all likelihood the harbingers of mankind’s end. Yet, meanwhile, they’re additionally very helpful.

Beside the contrivances like crushing the Pixel 2 to dispatch Assistant, it’s unmistakable there are some really valuable ordinary usefulness incorporated with Assistant.

Google demonstrated a decent case of this in real life: a suburbanite, getting into their auto, and asking Google one inquiry.

Right hand at that point drills down the best course to take, where they let off on the podcast they were tuning in to, and records any new messages they’ve gotten. You know, similar to a real aide.

Google Lens

This is a greater amount of that AI stuff that will execute every one of us, however ideally not until after Christmas.

Google Lens will detect a photo and give you indexed lists in light of the question it’s pointed at. For instance, taking a photo of a pooch will reveal to you what sort of canine it is – and furthermore not to take pictures of other individuals’ mutts. Points of interest, nourishment and drink, workmanship – and so on and Lens will let you know.

Indeed, that is the hypothesis. When I gave this a shot the previous evening, Lens couldn’t make sense of what I’d recently taken a photo of (investigate, expressions of remorse for the dodgy camera work). It was the first Pixel telephone. People 1, AI 0.

Price: $150

Source: forbes.com

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