53 Year Old Woman Arrest For DUI While She is Ride on Horse

53 Year Old Woman Arrest For DUI While She Ride on Horse

A Florida lady may need to horse up after police busted her for riding a stallion down a bustling expressway while inebriated.

Polk County police captured 53-year-old Donna Byrne and accused her of alcoholic driving after different drivers called 911 to report a lady on a stallion was hoofing it down the expressway.

Polk County Sheriff’s authorities said in a news discharge that somebody called 911 about a lady, who seemed confounded and potentially in threat. At the point when delegates arrived they discovered Byrne riding her stallion in the street.

Officers did a collectedness test and said she gave breath tests that enlisted blood liquor level of .161 — substantially higher than Florida’s lawful breaking point of .08.

“Ms. Byrne was clearly not in any condition to be out and about,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a news discharge. “She not just put herself and the steed in risk, yet in addition any individual who was driving out and about, which is regularly extremely occupied.”

Byrne was accused of DUI and creature disregard for imperiling and neglecting to give legitimate security to the steed.

Appointees took the stallion to the Polk County Sheriff’s Animal Control domesticated animals office. She was set up for the Polk County Jail. It’s indistinct whether she held a lawyer.

As indicated by police, Byrne has an earlier criminal history that incorporates five lawful offense and 10 wrongdoing allegations, comprising of remorselessness to creatures, sedate ownership, probation infringement, and criminal activity.

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