Father Killed His Son For Being Gay

Father Killed His Son For Being Gay

The Nevada father of a gay adolescent supposedly shot and executed him over his sexual introduction, as per reports.

Giovanni Melton, 14, was gunned around his dad, Wendell Melton, after a contention Thursday about him having a beau, news station KSNV announced.

“He abhorred the way that his child was gay,” Sonia Jones, the high schooler’s previous non-permanent mother, said. “I’m certain that within his psyche, he would preferably have a dead child than a gay child.”

Jones said that the 53-year-old father had gotten the youngster with his beau earlier and “hauled out a firearm on him.”

Police said they got a report Thursday about a local aggravation at a Henderson condo.

Reacting analysts found the 14-year-old was in basic condition.

He was raced to St. Rose Dominican Hospital where he kicked the bucket from his wounds.

Police said the high schooler lived alone at the loft where he was lethally shot.

Wendell Melton was arrested Friday at Henderson Detention Center.

He was accused of open murder, youngster mishandle and denied individual having a gun.

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