Female Caught While Stealing Money From Uber Driver’s Tip Jar

Woman Caught While Stealing Money From Uber Driver's Tip Jar

A female rider in a Uber auto was discovered on camera taking from a driver’s tip jostle, while boldly investigating the auto’s surveillance camera.

The anonymous rider was with two others. When they got out she glanced around as she got dollars out of the container.

The driver at that point looked down after the three got out, however it was past the point of no return. The lady who stole the money can be seen hurrying out.

MailOnline announced that the robbery occurred in New York City in August, and the driver said that he reached Uber, yet it said that it couldn’t do anything.

The distribution later revealed that the lady’s name is Gabita, and she’s 18 years of age.

“We comprehend your disappointment with this experience,” an email from Uber said. “We’ve endeavored to contact the rider by telephone and email, yet haven’t possessed the capacity to determine this issue.”

The email included: “The rider reacted to us and prompted us that she didn’t take your money from the tip shake. In the event that you trust the rider has your money as caught from your dashcam and is declining to return it, you might need to start a formal examination by means of the police.”

The driver hasn’t recorded a police report.

The NYPD noticed that it has no record of the robbery, as indicated by the New York Post.

The lady, in any case, can’t utilize Uber any longer—her record was deactivated.

“What’s been demonstrated has no place on our application and the rider’s entrance to the application has been expelled,” a Uber representative added to the New York Post.

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