Francis Howell High School Lockdown After Teacher Shot

Francis Howell High School Lockdown After Teacher Shot

A Francis Howell High School educator was shot Wednesday evening on a trail in the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area close to the school, police and school authorities said.

The educator was cognizant and talking when people on call landed, as indicated by Matt Deichmann, an area representative. He was taken to a healing center for treatment. His condition was not promptly discharged, but rather specialists said his wounds were not dangerous.

The instructor was running around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday on a trail he knows well, as per St. Charles County Police Capt. David Tiefenbrunn. He passed a man and after that heard a shot and felt a torment in his chest. The man discharged a few more shots and fled, police said.

The shooter was depicted as a man in his 30s or 40s of every a dark coat and tan jeans equipped with a handgun.

The secondary school had effectively expelled right on time for the day when the shooting happened, so just understudies taking part in after-school exercises were still at the school, Deichmann said. The secondary school was put on lockdown after the shooting and understudies were discharged to families under police supervision.

The locale additionally put close-by schools on lockdown as a safety measure, including the Meadows Parkway Early Childhood Center, Independence Elementary, John Weldon Elementary and Daniel Boone Elementary. St. Charles County police were overseeing rejection at those schools as well, Deichmann said.

Police were in the territory and a helicopter was overhead, yet it wasn’t evident whether they trust the shooter is still close to the scene.

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