Harvey Weinstein and Steven Seagal threatened Julianna Margulies

Harvey Weinstein and Steven Seagal threatened Julianna MarguliesHarvey Weinstein, Steven Seagal and Julianna Margulies

Actress Julianna Margulies has included her own terrifying encounters with Harvey Weinstein and Steven Seagal to the course of charges of sexual harassment and ambush in the excitement world.

In a Friday meet on SiriusXM’s “Simply Jenny,” the “Great Wife” star discussed two upsetting experiences with Seagal and Weinstein prior in her vocation.

When she was 23, Margulies stated, a female throwing executive sent her to Seagal’s condo at 10 p.m. to peruse a scene.

The throwing chief pushed past the actress’ protests by offering to repay the taxi admission and promising that she would be available too. In any case, when Margulies arrived soon thereafter, she said she got herself alone with the activity film star.

“She set me up,” Margulies said of the lady who masterminded the tryout.

The experience with Seagal immediately turned debilitating, the actress reviewed. “He ensured that I saw his firearm, which I’d never observed a weapon, all things considered,” Margulies said. “I left unscathed. … I don’t know how I escaped that lodging room. … I kind of squirmed out.”

She said Seagal attempted to transform the assumed tryout into a sexual experience with a strategy additionally professedly rehearsed by Weinstein. “It generally begins with ‘I’m a healer, I wanna knead you,'” she said.

Quite a long while later, in 1996, Margulies said she was welcome to meet with Weinstein. She said another lady conveyed her to the inn, promising that on the off chance that she met with the film maker she’d be given a screen test for a potentially grant winning part in a noteworthy motion picture. After her aggravating experience with Seagal, notwithstanding, Margulies was vigilant.

“I stated, ‘I’m not going up there alone’ ― on account of the Seagal encounter and in light of the fact that I had a profession,” said Margulies, who was on the hit demonstrate “ER” at the time.

After the actress demanded she would go home if the other lady didn’t join her, both of them went to Weinstein’s lodging room together.

“He opened the entryway in a shower robe,” Margulies reviewed. “I could see that there were candles lit in the room, and there was a supper for two. Also, I saw him gaze at her, blades.” She swung to the next lady and “got her in a shrug, similar to, ‘What might I be able to do?'”

Weinstein looked “irate,” Margulies said. He advised her, “Simply needed to state, ‘Great tryout,'” and after that hammered the entryway, she said. She didn’t get the part.

Margulies joins a rundown of more than 50 ladies who have ventured forward to blame Weinstein for sexual unfortunate behavior, with assertions running from endeavored harassment to assault.

Following two dangerous confessions in The New York Times and The New Yorker, and various extra ladies at that point venturing forward to have comparative encounters, Weinstein was let go from the Weinstein Company, which he helped to establish with his sibling, and removed from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Police divisions in Los Angeles and London are purportedly exploring assault charges made against him. The New York Police Department affirmed on Friday that it has been gathering proof for a “dependable assault charge,” which could prompt his capture.

Seagal has beforehand been blamed for unseemly lead too. In 1998, actress Jenny McCarthy talked about leaving a tryout distressed after Seagal more than once demanded that she strip.

In 2010, he was sued for sexual harassment by a previous collaborator who asserted in the claim that he had utilized her as a “sex toy.” The claim was later dropped.

In October of this current year, “Inside Edition” journalist and actress Lisa Guerrero said she was more than once compelled to try out alone with Seagal at his home for a part in the 1997 motion picture “Fire Down Below.”

Amid Friday’s meeting, Margulies said the current rush of open affirmations drove her to understand that she’d “hid everything where no one will think to look. You disregard it as that is quite recently Hollywood.”

She additionally indicated the part of a few ladies in empowering savage male conduct, taking note of that she was acquainted with the two circumstances by other ladies in the business.

“We need to begin considering these individuals responsible,” Margulies said. “These ladies were driving me to the lion’s sanctum.”

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