Kim Kardashian Pose With Glitter For KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian Pose With Glitter For KKWBEAUTY

Every one of that sparkles is Kim Kardashian.

The 37-year-old reality star trumpeted her new line of KKW Beauty cosmetics items on Monday by posturing in clearly only gold sparkle.

The Instagram post snatched more than 1 million “preferences” inside hours. She finished off the shining look with a silver pig tail and let watchers realize that her Ultralight Beams highlighters and gleams can advance toward your beauty care products bureau one month from now.

“Ultralight Beam” happens to be the name of a melody by her better half Kanye West, so we’re supposing the copyright discourse went easily.

With respect to the stunning investor’s choice to exposed a great deal to promote, just the same old thing new there. In September, Kardashian climbed bare up a tree to advance a book.

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