Lady Driver With F—Trump Sticker To Discuss Legal Case

Lady Driver With F---Trump Sticker To Discuss Legal Case

A state administrator and the lawyer for a lady whose indecent sticker about President Donald Trump on her truck got national features will talk about the case Monday.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds said in an official statement that the news meeting will address the “treachery against Karen Fonseca.”

“We need to ensure individuals’ First Amendment appropriate to free discourse,” Reynolds said in his composed articulation. “A distinction in political perspectives does not give Sheriff Nehls the privilege to target nationals. These activities by Sheriff Nehls could be a mishandle of his law requirement expert.”

Reynolds’ news gathering is planned to start at 10 a.m.

The discussion began after Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls posted a photo of the decal Wednesday on Facebook. The decal on the pickup’s back window read, “F*** Trump, and f*** you for voting in favor of him.”

In his Facebook post, Nehls said he needed to talk with the proprietor of the truck after he got a few objections about the sticker. He said that the head prosecutor may accuse the proprietor of untidy direct. Fonseca disclosed to KPRC 2 that day that she wanted to converse with the sheriff.

The following day, Nehls erased the post. That was additionally when Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey said he would not acknowledge charges, considering what he thought about the case.

Afterward, Fonseca was captured on what representatives said was a remarkable warrant accusing her of extortion. Fonseca fortified out of prison.

Throughout the end of the week, Fonseca added another decal to the pickup’s window that peruses, “F*** Troy Nehls, and f*** you for voting in favor of him.”

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