Man Snapped His Girlfriend’ Neck After She is Refuse Marriage Proposal

Man Snapped His Girlfriend' Neck After She is Refuse Marriage Proposal

A Pennsylvania man snapped the neck of a female companion and beat her with an ax after she denied his proposition to be engaged, as indicated by police.

Christopher R. Tucker, 34, was accused of murder and criminal manslaughter for purportedly executing Tara M. Serino. Serino was killed days before her twentieth birthday celebration.

The Kempton man apparently requested that Serino wed him at his home in Berks County. She said no and disclosed to him that she was laying down with other men, as per neighborhood reports. He professedly told police that she disclosed to him that he should execute her.

Police said Tucker revealed to them that he snapped and gagged her. He jabbed her eyes out and snapped her neck, police stated, as per the station. He professedly wrapped her in a floor covering and left.

Tucker was gotten at a truck stop in Champaign County, Illinois. He was being hung on a Fugitive From Justice criminal grievance and was experiencing removal procedures so he can be sent back to Pennsylvania.

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