Missing Bartender Kaitlyn Kearns Found Dead, 1 Person Arrest

Missing Bartender Kaitlyn Kearns Found Dead, 1 Person Arrest

Police have caught a man of enthusiasm for the vanishing and resulting homicide of a youthful barkeep.

Kaitlyn Kearns was accounted for missing just to be discovered dead in an auto subsequent to finishing a bartending shift at Woody’s Bar in Joliet, Ill., provoking police to issue a court order for a close-by bike clubhouse, as indicated by an official statement from the Will County Sheriff’s Office.

As per Will County Sheriff Lt. Dan Jungles, Kearns left Woody’s at around 1 a.m. November 13 and supposedly went to the clubhouse after.

“Regardless we’re endeavoring to sort everything out,” he said.

The 24-year-old was accounted for missing by her father on Tuesday.

ABC 7 Chicago announced that Kearns’ body was found inside her 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday stopped in a rustic range.

She was found with a solitary shot injury to the head.

As a major aspect of the examination, authorities looked through the Outlaws Motorcycle Club meeting place on Thursday morning, where a vehicle was taken away, as per the Chicago Tribune.

Kearns’ dad, Kevin Kearns, told the outlet he was uninformed whether his little girl had been amicable with anybody in the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

“We don’t know anything. I do not understand,” he said.

One individual is purportedly being addressed about Kearns’ vanishing and demise. Police won’t state whether he is a suspect in the manslaughter.

Police say investigators trust this was a focused on assault and there is no danger to the general population right now.

Authorities have asked that anybody with data that may relate to the case call 815-727-8574 or 815-727-8575.

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