Obama’s Vacation Home in Martha’s For Selling $17.75M

Obama's Vacation Home in Martha’s For Selling $17.75M

The Obamas’ getaway home in Martha’s Vineyard is available to be purchased.

The Chilmark, Massachusetts, home where the Obamas remained in 2013 and again this past summer is being recorded for $17.75 million.

The home highlights six rooms, five lavatories, an unendingness pool and “all encompassing sea sees,” as per the posting.

The posting by Wallace and Co. Sotheby’s International Realty — which twice specifies the home’s utilization as the “2013 summer White House” — boasts about “taking off roofs, curiously large wood consuming chimney and floor to roof windows.”

The home likewise includes a private shoreline, a half b-ball court, a private rec center and a visitor house.

Martha’s Vineyard has been a most loved excursion spot for the Obamas, and they went to the island all through previous President Obama’s chance in office.

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