Sia Share Naked Photo on Twitter

Sia Share Naked Photo on Twitter

The Australian Singer is known for being hidden about her life, including what she resembles.

She consistently shrouds her face under covers and wigs.

Sia tweeted a hazy photograph of the back of an exposed lady, joined by the words: “Spare your cash, here it is for nothing. Everyday Is Christmas!”

The photo has a watermark from a photograph office and a message saying there were an extra 14 photographs of the vocalist.

Her say of Christmas could be a think reference to her happy collection called Everyday is Christmas.

Sia has had a string of solo hits and has worked together with any semblance of David Guetta and The Weeknd.

She is additionally one of the world’s best lyricists, having composed for Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Adele.

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