Woman Blame on Al Franken For Grabbing Her Bottom in 2010

1 More Woman Blame on Al Franken For Inappropriately Touch in 2010

A lady approached on Monday to blame Sen. Al Franken, a Minnesota Democrat, of grabbing her bottom amid a 2010 photograph operation, CNN detailed .

Franken, who had been chosen to the Senate two years earlier, was going to the Minnesota State Fair when he postured for a photograph with Lindsay Menz, now 33, who was there to help her dad’s independent venture.

Menz revealed to CNN that Franken “pulled me in truly close, as cumbersome close, and as my significant other took the photo, he put his handfull-fledged on my back,” Menz said. “It was wrapped firmly around my butt cheek.”

“It wasn’t around my midsection. It wasn’t around my hip or side. It was unquestionably on my butt,” she included. “I resembled, goodness my God, what’s occurring.”

Menz said that she informed both her significant other and father regarding the occurrence promptly after it happened and the two men affirmed her claims to CNN.

She additionally posted the photograph with Franken to her Facebook page soon a short time later and her sister, Cari Thunker, remarked “Sorry, yet both of you aren’t Bibles (sic) width separated,” alluding to how intently the two were remaining to each other in the photo.

To that, Menz answered, “Buddy – Al Franken TOTALLY attacked me! Creeper!”

Franken reacted to the new affirmation in an announcement to CNN on Sunday in which he :

“I take a large number of photographs at the state reasonable encompassed by many individuals, and I surely don’t recall taking this photo,” he composed. “I feel severely that Ms. Menz left far from our association feeling affronted.”

On Thursday, Los Angeles TV and radio host Leeann Tweeden charged that Franken , a previous comic, kissed and grabbed her without assent while the two were on a 2006 visit abroad performing for military administration individuals.

Franken apologized to Tweeden and has since consented to be examined by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Menz connected with CNN with her story soon after Tweeden’s charges ended up noticeably open.

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