Woman Fired From Job While She Flipping off President Trump’s Motorcade

Woman Fired From Job While She Flipping off President Trump's Motorcade

A lady was let go from her activity after a photograph of her flipping off President Trump’s motorcade turned into a web sensation.

The Huffington Post announced that the lady, Juli Briskman, was let go from her activity at government contractual worker Akima LLC.

The photograph was taken by a White House picture taker as the president was leaving his green in Sterling, Va.

She told the Huffington Post that after the photograph surfaced, her supervisors revealed to her she had abused the organization’s online networking arrangement since she had utilized the photograph as her profile picture.

“They stated, ‘We’re isolating from you,'” Briskman said.

“Fundamentally, you can’t have ‘prurient’ or ‘indecent’ things on your online networking. So they were canceling flipping him ‘foul.'”

Briskman worked in showcasing and interchanges at Akima.

She said when she saw Trump’s motorcade come up alongside her, her “blood just began to bubble.”

“I’m considering, DACA beneficiaries are getting kicked out. He pulled promotions for open enlistment in ObamaCare,” Briskman said.

“Just a single third of Puerto Rico has control. I’m considering, he’s at the damn green once more,” she proceeded.

“I flipped off the motorcade various circumstances.”

She said she doesn’t lament her activities, including: “In some ways, I’m improving the situation than at any other time.”

“I’m irate about where our nation is at the present time. I am horrified,” she said. “This was an open door for me to state something.”

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