26 Year Old Blonde Model Found Dead in Bushes At Caribbean

Model Found Dead in Bushes At Caribbean

A trying performing artist and model from Queens who was going by the island of Jamaica was discovered dead with an opening throat on a rustic street a couple of miles from the nation’s greatest resort town, as per the lady’s family.

Desiree Gibbon’s mom and close relative revealed to News 4 New York that the 26-year-old’s body was found in favor of a street in Anchovy, a residential community close Montego Bay, on Saturday morning.

The Daily News, which initially revealed Gibbon’s demise, said when her body was found in the hedges off the street, it was built up with blood.

Gibbon’s family disclosed to News 4 that police said her throat had been opening and it showed up she had battled with her assailant.

“I’m trusting that in her battle she has acquired some DNA, regardless of whether under her fingernails, on her body or her teeth, some place,” said her mom, Andrea Gibbon.

Family said they discovered in regards to Gibbon’s demise after specialists demonstrated her photograph to a relative, who claims the Montego Bay lodging where she was remaining.

Relatives said she was anticipating exploring ability in the territory for a companion in New York, however she was executed before she got that possibility.

It’s not clear why she was slaughtered and no captures have been put forth in the defense.

“God is my witness, whoever did this will pay,” said the 26-year-old’s auntie, Peggy Brunner.

Gibbon, the most seasoned of three young ladies, had flown out to the nation on Oct. 20 and had a three-month visa to remain in the nation, as indicated by the family.

The West Virginia University graduate had been filling in as a barkeep in Jamaica to set aside to backpedal to class to end up plainly a narrative producer, however was set to return home on Thursday.

Gibbon’s family now needs to go to the Caribbean island to recover her body. They cleared out Friday morning to get a flight to the nation.

Gibbon’s mom says a post-mortem examination on her little girl may not be performed until one week from now and may take significantly longer to issue a demise testament, which is a vital advance during the time spent bringing her body home.

“She’s as of now being kept at a burial service home,” her mom said. “We’ll go there. I don’t know how that is destined to be. My comprehension is that she was beat up quite terrible.”

She went to St. Francis Preparatory School and Cardozo High School in Queens and moved on from WVU with a degree in communicate news coverage.

The 26-year-old’s auntie made a GoFundMe page to help pay for burial service costs and to have Gibbons’ body took back to New York City. Up until now, practically $20,000 has been added to the reason.

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