4 Teens Charge With Murder After Sandbag Thrown Over Kill Man

2 Teens Charge With Murder After Sandbag Thrown Over Kill Man 27122017

Four Ohio adolescents confront kill accusations after professedly tossing a sandbag from an interstate bridge. The pack crushed through the windshield of an auto that Marquise Byrd, 22, was riding in a week ago on Interstate 75 in Toledo. Byrd kicked the bucket from serious head wounds on Friday.

Three of the young men charged are 14 years of age, and the other is 13. They had just been accused of felonious strike.

Around 10 p.m. last Tuesday, a lady was driving with her companion, Byrd, under a bridge when something came slamming through the traveler side windshield. She pulled over and called 911.

“I don’t recognize what happened! My companion, I don’t comprehend what happened, he’s not moving!” she told the dispatcher. “Something hit my auto. Also, hit my companion. What’s more, he isn’t moving!”

“Alright, you don’t realize what hit him?” the dispatcher inquired.

“No, my windshield is, as, crushed up. … He is laid out on my seat. I figure the windshield may have smacked his head,” the upset lady reacted.

Police captured four adolescents subsequent to seeing them leave the region close to the bridge. They’re blamed for diverting articles from the interstate extension. It was a sandbag that broke the windshield and hit Byrd in the traveler situate. He deserts a 2-year-old child and was allegedly drawn in to be hitched.

The captures come almost two months after a comparable occurrence close Flint, Michigan. Five teenagers there are confronting charges of second degree kill in the wake of diverting rocks from a bridge, hitting a vehicle and killing 32-year-old Kenneth White.

The four Ohio adolescents are anticipating affirmation of their next court date.

“It’s awful and recreations. That is to say, individuals are losing their lives,” Warren police magistrate Bill Dwyer said. “What’s more, the results for these children that believe it’s playing around and a trick, they’re going to go to jail.”

Prosecutors say given the times of the young men, their case will probably stay in adolescent court. Notwithstanding the murder allegations, the young men are confronting charges of lawful offense vehicular vandalism.

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