4 Year Old Missing Kid Found Dead At Pond

Kid Found Dead At Pond

The body of a 4-year-old kid who disappeared Saturday night in Port St. Lucie was recouped overnight from a lake close to her family’s home.

Chelsea Noel’s body was found at the edge of a lake by a Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s plunge group around 27 hours in the wake of disappearing.

A U.S. marshal initially found something of enthusiasm for the water on a kayak before midnight.

The waterway, situated off Southwest Hallmark Street and Abacus Avenue, is two squares from her parent’s home.

Police said Chelsea exited the front entryway of her home on SW Keats Street close Becker Road only east of Interstate 95 around 9:50 p.m. Saturday

Port St. Lucie Police don’t trust anybody attempted to do any damage to Chelsea. There is new video that police have that persuaded that she went out and just meandered into the lake.

“It would appear that the tyke came up short on the house, got confused and wound up in the lake immediately,” Port St. Lucie Chief John A. Bolduc.

“The family is, extremely troubled, they’ve lost a 4-year-old tyke. That is the greatest catastrophe I can consider.”

Police said video from the family’s home demonstrates Chelsea’s father pursuing her not as much as a moment after she cleared out the home.

The medicinal analyst will play out a post-mortem examination to affirm the reason for death.

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