Alleged Man is Forced To Eat Food For Cats, To Drink Detergent As a Punishment

Man is Forced To Eat Food For Cats, To Drink Detergent As a Punishment 07122017

A stepdad from Gwinnett County, Georgia apparently tormented an adolescent young lady in his care, beating her extremely and constraining her to devour cleanser and feline nourishment. Rimmon H. Lewis has been accused of 15 tallies of first-degree savagery to youngsters, four checks of bothered battery and one tally of irritated stalking, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution detailed.

In March, Lewis’ then-13-year-old stepdaughter was canvassed in wounds, inciting a staff part at her school to contact specialists. Lewis was captured in April.

As indicated by WSBTV, Gwinnett County Police at first charged Lewis and the casualty’s mom, Angela Strothers, each with one tally of manhandle, however prosecutors added more charges to the couple in the wake of looking further into the case, which prompted another arraignment in November.

As indicated by Lewis’ prosecution printed material, the high schooler young lady was routinely secured up her family’s pantry. While they ate fair dinners, she was encouraged pieces and now and again more awful.

“There were times she was just permitted to eat feline nourishment, and there were times she wasn’t permitted to eat at all until the point when the litigant chose she could eat,” prosecutor Tracie Cason told WSBTV. Now and again she was being rebuffed for “faltering.” Other circumstances, as indicated by the prosecution printed material, Lewis would be “pushing his thumbs into the mouth of (casualty) with so much power as to part the sides of her mouth and with such seriousness to leave scarring to the two corners of her mouth.”

Regularly, she was purportedly secured up constrainment so long that the casualty wound up urinating and crapping on herself. And after that, as per, she was compelled to destroy the pee doused garments of the house.

Lewis beat the youngster routinely, incorporating once with a leg of a table, as per the arraignment. Different circumstances, he constrained her into either a singing hot shower or a solidifying cool one.

“It’s astounding to me how this kid made due as long as she did,” Cason said.

At the season of Lewis’ capture, he was on post trial supervision subsequent to being sentenced mishandling a similar casualty in 2014. As indicated by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Lewis confessed to straightforward ambush, first degree pitilessness to kids and four checks of third degree mercilessness to youngsters. Lewis was condemned to a year in jail and 10 years probation, and he was discharged on time served subsequent to entering his liable supplication.

After his April capture, Lewis conceded to abusing his probation and was condemned to five years in jail, which he is as of now serving. Strothers was arraigned on pitilessness charges, yet is out on bond. The young lady and her kin are presently under the watchful eye of the state.

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