Boyfriend charged with death of girlfriend’s parents, who believed that he was Neo-Nazi

Boyfriend charged with the death of girlfriend's parents

Family members say a Virginia couple endeavored to get their high school little girl to end an association with a boyfriend whom the guardians accepted embraced neo-Nazi perspectives.

Since boyfriend, 17, has been charged with killing the guardians.

Police say the youngster lethally shot Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, of Reston, after they got the high schooler in their 16-year-old little girl’s room around 5 a.m. Friday and attempted to motivate him to leave, the Washington Post revealed.

After supposedly shooting the guardians, the kid, of Lorton, Va., shot himself in the head, however has survived, police said. He stays unidentified in light of his age.

On Dec. 17, Kuhn-Fricker sent an email to the primary of the Fairfax County, Va., tuition based school that the little girl and her boyfriend went to, alarming the vital about her worry with respect to the kid’s convictions.

In the email, the Post detailed, she appended pictures of the kid’s online networking account in which he had retweeted messages commending Hitler, supporting Nazi book burnings, calling for “white unrest,” and making disparaging remarks about Jews.

“I would feel a little awful announcing him if his online access was to fundamentally be an ordinary teenager, yet he is a beast, and I have no pity for members like that,” the mother wrote in the email. “He settled on these decisions. He is spreading detest.”

The young lady’s family arranged an intercession Wednesday, took her to a companion’s home in Washington, D.C., and endeavored to persuade her to avoid him. The young lady in the long run concurred it was to her greatest advantage to end the relationship, the Post detailed.

The guardians went to monitor their little girl Friday morning, after perhaps hearing a sound, an analyst told the girlfriend’s grandma. They found the boyfriend in their little girl’s room. The young lady’s dad yelled at the kid, instructed him to leave and stay away forever. The kid at that point hauled out a firearm and lethally shot the two guardians previously turning the weapon on himself.

The police allegedly haven’t found a rationale yet family members and companions pointed the finger at it on “the couple’s battle to keep detest out of their home,” the Post announced, refering to family members.

The high schooler has been charged with two checks of murder. He is in a doctor’s facility in basic condition. A law authorization source disclosed to FOX 5 police are exploring the kid’s claimed Neo-Nazi association.

The kid’s family declined to remark.

A few neighbors laid blooms outside the home Saturday, and said the whole neighborhood is feeling a significant misfortune.

“They just appeared like members we might want to know better and they are simply gone. We as a whole truly feel enormous misfortune,” neighbor Danuta Moon disclosed to FOX 5. “They were another piece of this group yet we as a whole truly enjoyed them in particular.”


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