Donald Trump canceled Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination

Donald Trump Neil Gorsuch

Reacting to a Washington Post story, President Donald Trump on Tuesday denied he considered repealing the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“A story in the @washingtonpost that I was near ‘cancelling’ the nomination of Justice Gorsuch preceding affirmation is FAKE NEWS,” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

“I never at any point faltered and am extremely glad for him and the activity he is doing as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The anonymous sources don’t exist!”

Trump regularly cries “counterfeit news” when he sees reports he doesn’t care for. He has tweeted the term — in many cases taking all things together tops — almost 140 times since getting to be president. Furthermore, it’s profoundly impossible that the Post’s group of columnists created sources, a vocation finishing offense in news coverage.

A representative for The Washington Post said the daily paper remains by its revealing.

The Post detailed Monday that Trump discussed cancelling Gorsuch’s nomination and vented to counsels after the traditionalist legal scholar had censured the president’s assaults on the government legal in private gatherings with officials.

As indicated by the Post, which talked with 11 individuals it said knew about the occurrence, Trump was stressed over whether Gorsuch would be steadfast and advised associates he was enticed to repeal the nomination.


The Post revealed that a transcribed card to say thanks from Gorsuch to Trump in March helped facilitate the president’s worries. In the note, Gorsuch called the president’s deliver to a joint session of Congress “superb” and said he was “so kind to perceive Mrs. Scalia, recollect the late equity [Antonin Scalia], and specify me.”

“My young little girls were cheering the TV!” he included.

White House assistants debated the Post’s announcing in on-the-record remarks, however administrative undertakings executive Marc Short recognized there was “disappointment” amid the affirmation procedure.


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