Ex Voice Contestant Melanie Martinez Response To Rape Accuser

Voice Contestant Melanie Martinez Response To Rape Allegations

Ex “Voice” competitor Melanie Martinez has reacted after vocalist Timothy Heller blamed her for assault. The two ladies were companions, and Heller related two evenings amid which she asserts Martinez sexually struck her, however Martinez said Heller “never said no to what we did together.”

On Monday, Heller tweeted an announcement and stated, “When I composed this anecdote about my strike, I at first wouldn’t make the abuser. Be that as it may, I believe it’s vital for all of you to know this is about Melanie Martinez.”

Heller nitty gritty a period in her life when she remained at Martinez’s home. She composed that Martinez, who she says was her closest companion at the time, over and over flame broiled her about her sexual inclinations, at that point inquired as to whether she would have intercourse with her.

Heller said she declined and said she had a beau, yet Martinez continued squeezing the issue.

Heller said Martinez employed her with pot and kept on approaching Heller for sex. Heller composed that she said no few times, however at long last “enabled it to happen.” Heller said a similar thing happened the following night.

“It’s difficult to state somebody you cherished assaulted you,” composed Heller. “Somebody you STILL love. The possibility of composing this and having the world see it frightens me. Particularly in light of who this individual is.”

Accordingly, Martinez, who was on Season 3 of “The Voice,” tweeted, “I am appalled and disheartened by the announcements and story told today around evening time by Timothy Heller. What she and I shared was a dear fellowship for a timeframe.”

She included, “She never said no to what we did together. What’s more, despite the fact that we went separate ways, I am sending her adoration and light dependably.”

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