Boy with 10-pound tumor on face in Miami for surgery

Florida Doctors Removed Huge Tumor From Teen Face

After 12 years of misery from a disease that made a gigantic tumor develop all over, a 14-year-old kid will at long last have it evacuated by specialists at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

The 10-pound favorable tumor developed on Emanuel Zayas’ face accordingly from a condition called polyostotic sinewy dysplacia. The medicinal condition happens when formatively certain bones turn out to be delicate.

The condition started influencing his left arm and leg when he was 2 years of age, however it deteriorated when he turned 9.

Zayas’ folks striven for a considerable length of time to get help. Presently, Dr. Robert Marx and four specialists are venturing in. In any case, specialists say there’s a considerable measure of work in front of them. Zayas’ surgery could take between 8 to 12 hours.

“His deformation ought to be enhanced, however like I said underneath it his face will have a fall. We have to reproduce and revamp that with time,” Marx said.

Specialists could get a brief visa for the kid and his family to come to Miami from Cuba to have the surgery.

Zayas’ surgery is booked to occur in January.

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