Louisiana man murdering his girlfriend’s molester, Now in prison

Man faces life in prison for murdering his girlfriend's molester

A Louisiana man confronting life in a correctional facility said he’s “not sorry” for murdering the man who molested his girlfriend.

Jace Crehan, 23, confessed to executing Robert Noce Jr. in July 2015 — under two weeks after the 47-year-old argued no challenge to a charge of sexually molesting Brittany Monk while he was dating her mom, The Advocate revealed. A jury on Thursday discovered Crehan blameworthy on charges of second-degree kill.

Priest affirmed she and her beau just intended to startle Noce when they softened into his trailer up the early hours of the morning, yet the circumstance immediately heightened.

Priest, who was seven months pregnant at the time, confessed to splashing cologne in Noce’s face while shouting “You destroyed my life.” She likewise affirmed Crehan requested her to get a blade — she got the “greatest” one she could discover — which he used to more than once wound Noce, as indicated by WAFB.

Crehan additionally allegedly wrapped a belt around the sentenced molester’s neck and utilized his foot to fix in it.

The combine disposed of the body in a 55-gallon compartment Noce used to make wine and hurled the blade in a lake.

A couple of days after the murder, Crehan admitted to criminologists that he killed Noce in light of the fact that he trusted the equity framework “fizzled” his girlfriend.

“I feel a considerable measure better,” he let them know. “It’s not a lament.”


Crehan’s lawyer unsuccessfully contended the murder was a “demonstration of energy,” while prosecutors in the mean time portrayed the man’s activities as “vigilante” equity.

“We don’t live in a nation where we as a general public are permitted to act as a vigilante and do equity,” Darwin Miller said amid shutting contentions Thursday.

Priest, who conceded to murder not long ago, is slated to be condemned in January. She faces up to 40 years in jail.

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