Cancer Battle Account Suspend by Facebook

Milton Keynes Man Says He's Taking Smear Test After His Wife Dies 24122017

UPDATE: A widower who recorded his significant other’s fight with cervical cancer online has lashed out at Facebook after admins suspended his account.

Elliott Lowe, 42, from Milton Keynes, posted two photos of his late spouse Donna to his page on Friday to bring issues to light about cervical cancer.

In the keep running up to Christmas, most guardians are quickly endeavoring to compose themselves for the huge day as their children burst with energy.

In any case, that wasn’t the situation for Donna and Elliot Lowe, this time a year ago. For them, it was the minute their whole world came disintegrating down.

Only three days before Christmas, Donna was determined to have cervical malignancy .

In January came a further blow, as outputs demonstrated the growth had officially spread to the lymph hubs in Donna’s pelvic district.

The mum-of-four battled an overcome battle against the illness, experiencing chemotherapy and in addition every day radiotherapy for a month and a half.

Unfortunately, Donna never observed another Christmas. She lost her fight on August 5, 2017, matured only 32, at Willens Hospice in Milton Keynes.

One year after Donna’s conclusion, Elliott concedes the kids – with ages running from five to 11 – are thinking that its hard to grapple with their misfortune.

He disclosed to Mirror Online: “The kids are battling amazing. My eldest is furious with everything, my impaired child still supposes she is getting back home and my eldest girl close herself away.

“My most youthful little girl is extremely matter of actuality and tells everybody that her mummy is in her heart and her head.

“I’m fearing Christmas . I have no clue what’s in store or how the children will respond, I’m simply must improvise.”

Disregarding all he needs to battle with, Elliott is sacrificially endeavoring to bring issues to light of cervical tumor and urge ladies not to put off going for spread tests.

The father, 42, shared two unfortunate photographs on Facebook to indicate how the tumor desolated his better half’s body.

In one picture, an upbeat and sound looking Donna grins cheerfully.

In the other, she lies in a healing center bed, her face pallid and indented, with a void and frequenting look in her eyes and bones projecting from her chest.

Elliott needs individuals to share the pictures and concedes Donna delayed her last spread test before her conclusion.

She swung to specialists in the wake of encountering unreasonable dying – with some blood coagulations the extent of golf balls – and additionally torment in her stomach area and lower back.

He stated: “A year back to date my wonderful spouse, my closest companion, the mother to our four excellent kids, my reality, my perfect partner, in certainty my beginning and end, was given an analysis by Milton Keynes Hospital that would annihilate our lives and change it until the end of time.

“I am imparting this to you today to urge everybody perusing this to ensure that we volunteer guarantee that the extraordinary ladies in our lives – in reality all ladies in our lives, be they relatives or companions – go to their Cervical Screening (once called spreads) and not to either miss them or neglect to re-orchestrate.

“My magnificent spouse put off her last spread for reasons I can’t significantly recall – trust me, I’ve endeavored to recollect and there’s not a day passes by I wish I could swap places with her or wish I’d dragged her to the arrangement and re-masterminded it for her.

“Having officially addressed some of you here I realize that some haven’t had a spread in various years, I think the longest was 20 years.

“Cervical screening (spread) takes just minutes. I am mindful it’s not the most agreeable or stately of encounters for ladies to experience however the outcomes of missing one pulverizes lives for everybody associated – and will improve the situation ages to come.

“I get up each morning alone, bring my children up alone.. indeed I have family around me supporting me, and I’m really grateful for that, yet it’s never the same nor will it be.

“I know it’s Christmas and a portion of the photos may trouble you, I apologize on the off chance that they do, however I expected to exhibit how obliterating malignancy is.

“If it’s not too much trouble share this post with your companions and request that they do likewise. Together we can beat growth and spare lives.

“Try not to release another family through the agony we experience each day. Much obliged to you.”

Elliott’s desire is unquestionably materializing. His Facebook post has just had more than 13,000 offers and 17,000 ‘responses’ since the morning of December 22.

What might he say if Donna could see him now?

“On the off chance that Donna was here I trust she is pleased with what I’m attempting to accomplish,” Elliott says.

She unquestionably would be.

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