Mother Save Her Daughter Life After Post on Facebook About Eye Cancer

Mother Save Her Daughter Life After Post on Facebook About Eye Cancer 28122017

A mother who posted about her little girl’s uncommon eye growth on Facebook spared another youngster’s life after her mom saw the post.

33-year-old Charlotte Salisbury’s girl Felicity was conceived with Retinoblastoma, which just influences 40-50 kids in the UK every year, except it went undiscovered for nine months.

What Charlotte thought was only a flash in her little girl’s eye ended up being six forceful tumors.

To bring issues to light among different guardians of the indications of the disease after Felicity had recuperated, mum-of-two Charlotte posted on Facebook about the “feline’s eye” manifestations of the tumor.

One lady who saw Charlotte’s post was 20-year-old Taomi Sharlotte, from Leeds, and it prompted Taomi’s girl Lydia being determined to have a similar malignancy.

Unfortunately, the determination wasn’t sufficiently brisk to spare Lydia’s left eye, however specialists effectively ceased the disease spreading, which spared Lydia’s life.

“We had seen her post on Facebook two weeks after we were on vacation,” Taomi said. “When we returned home we took her to the GP. It turned out she had the most exceedingly terrible type of Intraocular Retinoblastoma in her left eye, it’s called Type E.

“It implies the tumor is vast or has different highlights that mean there is no way the eye can be spared. The main treatment she could have was to have the eye expelled. She had it completed seven days after the fact.

“She got the all-unmistakable two weeks back, it has not spread. We are simply looking out for the outcomes from additionally tests.

“In the event that we had not seen the post we would have never known to pay special mind to it – we are so thankful to Charlotte.”

Charlotte just saw there was something incorrectly herself when the glimmer from a camera made a “feline’s eye” appearance on her little girl.

She didn’t consider much it until a family companion and understudy birthing specialist, Laura Power, detected the eye and said Felicity ought to be inspected.

After a progression of arrangements, Charlotte’s reality was “torn separated” when specialists uncovered that the Felicity had six forceful tumors – three in each eye.

“I had no clue at the time what it was, she hinted at no ailment,” Charlotte said. “She was a cheerful ordinary infant.

“The main thing I got on was I saw when she began creeping she would find things.”

Charlotte says Felicity is currently experiencing chemotherapy and is reacting great to the treatment.

“Toward the starting when Felicity was first analyzed we simply needed to continue everything private,” Charlotte included. “Be that as it may, I needed to advise individuals what to pay special mind to and to share what had happened to Felicity as it is such an uncommon tumor.

“When I put the post up on my Facebook page I just idea it would be among my companions however it was shared more than 65,000 times.

“About a month later I was reached by Taomi who said ‘if not for your post I could never have seen this on my daughter’.”

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