Pentagon searched for UFO at request of Harry Reid

Harry Reid request Pentagon photo

The Pentagon has sound and video of two exceptionally befuddled pilots gazing intently at a unidentified flying article that pivoted and kept up a “shining atmosphere,” as a major aspect of a mystery program that explored the presence of UFOs for a long time at the command of a previous major Democratic pioneer.

In the vicinity of 2007 and 2012, the Defense Department ran the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the cost of about $22 million with the sponsorship of previous U.S. Representative Harry Reid of Nevada, The New York Times detailed Saturday.

The since-resigned Reid expressed he was glad for the program, notwithstanding the reality numerous around the globe see the look for UFOs to be the result of excessively empowered creative energies and scheme scholars.

“I’m not humiliated or embarrassed or sorry I got this thing going,” Reid revealed to The Times. “I believe it’s one of the great things I did in my congressional administration. I’ve accomplished something that nobody has done some time recently.”

The Defense Department asserted the program finished five years prior thus did its financing. Be that as it may, regardless it exists and tests “scenes” announced by current administration individuals, as per The Times. Parts of the program additionally stay ordered.

The financing for the most part went to Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas-based organization keep running by very rich person Robert Bigelow, a long-lasting companion of Reid’s.

Among the program’s accounted for disclosures and examinations of “experiences” was a 2004 occurrence off the shoreline of San Diego. Two Navy F/A-18F warrior planes pursuing down a “whitish oval protest” the extent of a business plane.

Another episode included a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet following some sort of flying machine that radiated a “sparkling atmosphere going at rapid and pivoting as it moves.” In sound and video of the occurrence, the pilots stated, “There’s an entire armada of them.”

However, the date and area of the occurrence stays obscure.

Bigelow trusts the U.S., not at all like adversaries like China and Russia, are passing up a major opportunity for circumstances because of potential “shame” required with subsidizing outsider and UFO inquire about.

“Universally, we are the most in reverse nation on the planet on this issue,” Bigelow revealed to The Times. “Our researchers are frightened of being excluded, and our media is terrified of the shame.


China and Russia are substantially more open and work on this with immense associations inside their nations. Littler nations like Belgium, France, England and South American nations like Chile are more open, as well. They are proactive and willing to examine this theme, instead of being kept down by an adolescent forbidden.”

On the off chance that any such shame exists, Bigelow does not give it a second thought. He disclosed to a hour in May that he altogether trusts outsider life exists.

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