Pete Hoekstra called it ‘fake news’ Then the reporter showed him a video clip

Pete Hoekstra

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands pushed back against a Dutch news station for going up against him with past articulations he made about “no-go zones” in the nation, calling it “fake news.”

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, once in the past a GOP administrator speaking to Michigan who is Dutch-American, expelled the past articulations in spite of the clasp indicating him discussing the zones amid a congressional hearing.

“No-go zones” are zones that are accepted to be excessively hazardous, making it impossible to enter, and those contradicting more migration in places like Europe have utilized the detailed zones to push back against approaches that would open fringes.

“Talking about danger, at one point you specified in an open deliberation that there are no-go zones in the Netherlands and that autos and lawmakers are being determined to flame,” a correspondent for Nieuwsuur said to Hoekstra.

“I didn’t state that. That is really a wrong articulation,” Hoekstra answered. “We would call it ‘fake news.’ ”

The Dutch distribution at that point played the clasp of Hoekstra putting forth the expression.

“The Islamic development has not gotten to the point where they have placed Europe in mayhem,” he says in the clasp. “Tumult in the Netherlands, where there are autos being singed, there are lawmakers that are being scorched.”

“Also, truly, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands,” he included.

At the point when the columnist stood up to Hoekstra with the clasp, he denied utilizing the expression “fake news.”

“I didn’t call that fake news,” he said. “I didn’t utilize the word today, I don’t figure I did.”

Hoekstra was confirmed as the ambassador to the Netherlands prior this month.


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