Police Open Investigation After Kid Was Detained At Grand Rapids, Michigan

Police Open Investigation After Kid Was Detained At Grand Rapids

A Michigan police division has opened an inner examination after officers held a 11-year-old young lady at gunpoint, cuffed her and place her in the back of a cruiser.

The episode happened Wednesday as Honestie Hodges was abandoning her Grand Rapids home to go to a store, WOOD-TV detailed.

Police said officers were at the home searching for the young lady’s 40-year-old auntie, Carrie Manning, who was associated with cutting a relative close-by, however didn’t discover her.

Excellent Rapids police confined the Honesti and two other ladies, including the young lady’s mom, as they left the house. The young lady’s mom said officers requested her little girl to descend from the patio with her hands up.

‘The entire time they are advising her to descend, I’m letting them know, ‘She’s 11 years of age. That is my little girl. Try not to sleeve her,” Whitney Hodges said.

Her little girl said the occurrence left her frightened.

‘It influenced me to feel frightened and it influenced me to feel like I accomplished something incorrectly,’ Honesti told the TV channel. ‘I’m hesitant to open or go close to my indirect access in light of what happened.’

Stupendous Rapids Police Chief David Rahinsky said Tuesday that his officers ought to have practiced caution, as opposed to cuffing the young lady.

He said police body-camera film of the young lady shouting as she’s being arrested seem to be ‘exasperating’ and demonstrate the requirement for policing changes.

Police likewise issued an announcement Monday saying they confined the ladies and the young lady since officers hadn’t decided whether they were suspects. Police said the ladies weren’t equipped.

‘The 11-year-old was bound for an aggregate of 2 minutes while she was brought once more into the back street and searched to ensure that she didn’t have anything hazardous on her,’ Grand Rapids Police Department representative Cathy Williams said.

Honesti was then put in the police cruiser for around 10 minutes. She was later permitted to remain in the back road with her different kin, Williams said.

Officers inspired authorization to look through the house and didn’t find the suspect. The ladies and young lady were then discharged, police said.

An interior examination was propelled the day after the occurrence following a grievance from Honesti’s family.

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