Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Threatened To Kill Me During Frida Sex Scene

Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Threatened To Kill Me During Frida Sex Scene 14122017

In an opinion piece for the 51-year-old Salma Hayek asserts that on various events she was sexually bothered and castigated by Harvey Weinstein.

Hayek says she battled to work with Weinstein’s then-creation organization, Miramax, however after he said “yes” to working with her, the ball was in her court to “say no.”

“No to opening the way to him at painfully inconvenient times of the night, a great many hotels, a great many locations, where he would show up out of the blue, including one area where I was doing a film he wasn’t required with,” she composes. “No to me cleaning up with him.

No to giving him a chance to watch me wash up. No to giving him a chance to give me a back rub. No to letting an exposed companion of his give me a back rub. No to giving him a chance to give me oral sex. No to my getting bare with another lady. No, no, no, no, no … ”

Hayek guarantees Weinstein’s advances could rapidly swing to seethe. “I don’t think he loathed much else besides the word ‘no,'” she proceeds. “The scope of his influence strategies went from cajoling me to that one time when, in an assault of rage, he said the frightening words, ‘I will kill you, don’t figure I can’t.'”

The performing artist additionally charges that Weinstein made a special effort to close down her 2002 film, Frida, a biopic about the life of Mexican craftsman Frida Kahlo, which was later selected for six Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Hayek’s driving part.

Hayek says with the goal for her to get Weinstein to consent to make the film, he gave her a rundown of “unthinkable undertakings with a tight due date,” which included revising the content at no extra cost, raising $10 million, finding an “A-rundown chief” to head up the motion picture and getting four “conspicuous performing artists” to fill the other supporting parts.

Much “incredibly,” Hayek did convey and uncovers that she had Edward Norton – whom she dated from 1999 to 2004 – revamp the content “a few times and shockingly never got credit.” Julie Taymor wound up coordinating the motion picture, and Hayek selected Norton, Geoffrey Rush, Antonio Banderas and Ashley Judd to star in the film close by her.

When shooting was in progress, Hayek claims Weinstein had another arrangement of requests, including that she dispose of the unibrow, a recognizing quality of the genuine Kahlo.

“He disclosed to me that the main thing I had going for me was my sex request and that there was none of that in this motion picture,” she composes. “So he disclosed to me he would close down the film in light of the fact that nobody would need to see me in that part.”

While she kept the unibrow, Hayek says she consented to do an intimate moment with another lady that she guarantees Weinstein requested be “full-frontal nakedness.”

On the day that she was to shoot the simulated intercourse, Hayek says she turned out to be physically sick. “It was not on account of I would be stripped with another lady. It was on account of I would be stripped with her for Harvey Weinstein,” she mourns.

“I needed to take a sedative, which in the end halted the crying yet exacerbated the heaving. As you can envision, this was not provocative, but rather it was the main way I could get past the scene.”

In the wake of asking that the film be dispersed in theaters, Hayek says that Frida gave Weinstein a “film industry achievement that nobody could have anticipated.”

Hayek says it wasn’t until years after the fact that the 65-year-old producer advised her, “‘You did well with Frida; we did an excellent motion picture.'”

“I trusted him. Harvey could never know how much those words intended to me. He additionally could never know the amount he hurt me. I never indicated Harvey how panicked I was of him.,” she finishes up. “When I saw him socially, I’d grin and endeavor to recall the great things about him, disclosing to myself that I went to war and I won.”

The on-screen character’s opinion piece comes a long time after Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie asserted they too were sexually badgering by Weinstein, who has not admitted to any wrongdoing.

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