Toll Attendant Killed When Truck Crash on The Booth in Bay Bridge

Toll Collector Killed When Truck Crash on The Booth in Bay Bridge

A toll corner orderly was killed Saturday when a truck pushed through the hindrance and into the toll both in Oakland, Calif.

The truck hit five different vehicles previously hitting the hindrance and toll corner, and the driver and a traveler were launched out and seriously harmed, as indicated by San Francisco Gate.

“I’ve never observed this. I’ve seen them harm the stall some time recently. Never to this degree,” California Highway Patrol Officer Vu Williams disclosed to SF Gate.

Specialists don’t trust the crash on the Bay Bridge toll court was purposeful, however they are as yet examining the reason.

“We’re exploring precisely why the driver lost control and struck the toll court, so we must decide every one of the elements included, including hindrances, therapeutic issues or mechanical issues,” Williams disclosed to SF Gate.

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